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The Outsourced Integrator

The Outsourced Integrator Preparing for the Transition to CEO Finding  the right person to be your Integrator can be difficult, especially when you have limited time and resources.  That’s why we recommend hiring an outsourced integrator at first, also known as an outsourced Chief Operating Officer. An outsourced Integrator will work with you for a limited period of time to set up the systems to effectively delegate operations and help you with the process of hiring a full time integrator to take over.  This post will tell you about outsourced Integrators and how to evaluate potential candidates. Outsourced Integrators When looking for an Outsourced Integrator, you should find someone with demonstrated experience in helping business owners become CEOs by building out the management systems required for a company to increase profit margins. The person may or may not have an MBA, but experience is the most important indicator of effectiveness.  Reviews and references go a long way to prove that an integrator can benefit you. It also helps if the candidate has a digital presence in the form of social media posts, blogs and downloadables that communicate their approach and mindset, so you can [...]

The CEO & The Integrator

The CEO & The Integrator Who has your back? Delegating  is fundamental to being a real CEO and to making the time to grow a business, which means a CEO needs someone to oversee. That’s where the Integrator comes in. The primary responsibility of an Integrator is making sure the business is operating effectively, so the CEO can shift their primary focus away from the day to day details.  This post will give you the down low on integrators so you can start thinking about a bigger and brighter future. Job Title Depending on the size of your business and your relationships, your integrator could be a co-founder, business partner, COO, VP, director of operations, or manager.  As long as they focus on the operational details, they can serve as your integrator. Background We recommend that your integrator be a specialist in your industry with deep understanding that comes from experience because they will be running your business.  They know the tricks of the trade and, with some guidance, are ready to remove obstacles for you. Attitude Sometimes you might not be able to find or afford someone with a high level of expertise. [...]

How CEOs Spend Their Time

How Real CEOs Spend Their Time Are you a real CEO? In  our line of work we meet a lot of business owners who have the title of CEO on their LinkedIn profile even though they aren’t doing the job of a Chief Executive. Instead they’re in the trenches wearing multiple hats and scrambling to get the bare minimum done.  They want to be a CEO, but they don’t have their businesses structured in a way to make that possible.  So they work harder and longer hours, stretching themselves thin and sometimes jeopardizing their health until they’re on the verge of burnout.  Don’t get me wrong, CEO’s work hard and have busy schedules, but they shouldn’t be run ragged. According to a recent study by Michael E. Porter and Nitin Nohria published in the Harvard Business Review, the average work week of a chief executive is 62.5 hours.  So how does a CEO use those hours?  A generic job description of a CEO, across industries, includes the following duties and responsibilities: Business strategy to improve competitive advantage, market share, and shareholder value. Networking to secure new business and/or new channels for customer acquisition. Overseeing company culture [...]

Built to Fail

Built to Fail Why are so many businesses built to fail? Most professionals break out on their own to start a business because they love what they do and want more creative freedom, not because they love designing and running businesses.  When they startup, they use their limited capital to cobble together a business structure with some basic systems and software based on a few books and advice from friends. It’s all you need to make a living, but as a business expands it needs a much stronger foundation or the lack of structure will hold you back from achieving, and maybe even undermine, your goals. Savvy startups eventually build a sustainable revenue stream with a steady pipeline of customers and it's at this point that the business needs to prepare for expansion.  As the owner hires more employees to serve more customers, the business changes from a paycheck for the owner and some friends into a real company: a community of people who work together to achieve a big purpose that benefits its customers, builds careers, and increases profitability for greater financial stability and shareholder value. That’s a big shift and usually [...]

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