Clarity is Your First Line of Defense

Have you fully fortified your business?

Any business, no matter how small or big, needs systems in place for clearly setting employee and customer expectations.  Setting these expectations can be a huge effort, but in the long run it will protect you from losing exponentially more in time and money.

Usually business owners come to us only after they’ve experienced the consequences of running an unstructured business.

  • They’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars because a customer decided to make changes too late in the process and they didn’t foresee this possibility. 
  • They’re paying for extra storage space to keep thousands of dollars of inventory that no one wants to buy.  
  • They didn’t have the controls in place to keep employees on schedule and budget, so now they are severely undercharging the customer.
  • They weren’t clear about the strategic direction of the company and now they’re dealing with an employee mutiny because some strong personalities have a different vision for the company’s future.  
  • They weren’t clear about roles and now crucial tasks are falling through the cracks and the company is bleeding money.
  • They keep getting negative yelp reviews about a few employees who are close friends.
  • They didn’t effectively oversee the bookkeeper who mis-categorized several large transactions and they paid taxes on money that shouldn’t have been taxed.

The list goes on and on.  If you can dream it up, then it can happen.  But you usually don’t think of it until it’s too late, which is why so many businesses lack the structure necessary to protect themselves and achieve profitability.

Your first line of defense is clarity.  Think through every aspect of your employee and customer experience and plan for every possible scenario.  Then set expectations to protect yourself and everyone else involved so your reputation is never tarnished.

Seem like a tall order?  That’s why at WeLocals we’ve done all the work for you and built a library of documents and templates to help businesses in every industry get clear about every aspect of their operations.  Learn more about how WeLocals can help you Level Up.


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Meet the Author

Frank Flavell
Frank FlavellCOO & Lead Integrator
Frank is a business strategist and operations specialist. With a keen eye for designing organizations that deliver compelling customer value, he helps clients across industries improve profit margins and build stronger workplaces.