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How Do You Compare?

The first step to building a better bottom line is to figure out your baseline.  Grab your P&L and use our free, confidential business evaluator to find out how you’re doing compared to your competitors.  Click Get Started to begin the evaluation.

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How It Works

12 Questions

The information you provide is strictly confidential and will only be used to calculate your baseline.

5 Minutes

Save time by grabbing your annual Profit & Loss statement to determine your annual revenue and expenses.

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Once submitted, we’ll email you a detailed report on your current performance and industry as well as a few free suggested next steps.

Questions Include…

  • Industry
  • Industry segment
  • Years in operation
  • Number of employees
  • Customers per week, month, or year
  • Average spend


  • Annual revenue
  • Annual expenses
  • Service rating
  • Location
  • Your email so we can email your report
  • Your name so we can customize the report

Industry Benchmark Report

The Industry Benchmark Report is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your industry and your company’s performance within it.

Realistic Expectations. 

Real Results.

Industry Matters

Industries aren’t created equal.  Some are harder to succeed in than others.  This report will help you understand the forces impacting your industry so you can have a realistic expectation for success.


We compiled metrics on over 700 industries in the U.S. that include over 30 million businesses with a combined annual revenue of more than 11 trillion dollars.  We’ve got you covered.


Knowledge is power and we believe some knowledge should be free to empower entrepreneurs to build strong businesses that benefit our country and the world.  This one’s on us.

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