Talk Isn’t Cheap.

Communication is Essential.  Do You Talk Enough?

There’s a lot at stake in business.  Employees depend on you for their livelihood.  Customers give you their trust and hard earned money in exchange for something that better be worth the price. Investors expect a sizable return on investment.  And, as a business owner, you deserve to feel a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and financial freedom.

All these factors make business much more than a simple mathematical equation or a game of Monopoly.  Business is the means to many, very meaningful ends and so it’s also a psychological mine-field of hopes, dreams, anxieties, and regrets.  Which is why communication is so important.

Everyone needs to know something and they usually need to know more than you expect.  A steady and controlled flow of information between stakeholders not only allows a company to operate effectively, it also gives executives the ability to guide everyone involved across emotionally charged terrain to the green pastures of a better life.

Employees need to know essential details to do their jobs and to stay focused.  Customers need to know that you have their best interests at heart at every stage of the process and that often requires an extensive network of content and communication, especially in today’s digital economy.

Honest information, without a spin or the omission of uncomfortable details, maintains trust and keeps the worries and doubts at bay.  Even when the truth is difficult, it’s better than silence because the unknown is wide open to interpretation. In this day and age, people will imagine the worst.

Instead of thinking of stakeholders as potential threats who will wield their power to hamper progress, you should see them as assets who will make that progress possible.  Communication is the only way to unite everyone around a bigger purpose and push the whole community forward.

WeLocals helps organizations set up clear channels of communication that allow for the free flow of information. Find out more about how we can help you by scheduling a call today.


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